Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Draco the Ferret with Guest Rap - Let's Go to Hogwarts Week

Draco Malfoy
Draco gets turned into a snowy white ferret by Professor Moody in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire movie. Serves him right - he was trying to attack Harry! Ferrets are tricky buggers to draw. I had a busy evening and was trying to draw one at 10 pm. I drew like 7 that I didn't like so I went looking for "How to draw ferret tutorials" and found this silly one. Hee! I tried to make him look a little mean since he's Malfoy.

I was thinking about Draco today because the actor that plays him has announced he's going to be a rapper - say what?? To "celebrate" the bizarre news, my great friend Kristen wrote this awesome rap about him today.

They call me Draco,
I'm like a shark, but not Mako
The ladies say I'm all that
The men say I'm fake-o

My robes are dope
My wand is money
Keep that ho Hermione
'Cause Pansy's my honey

Yeah I'm all down with You-Know-Who,
So's my mom, and my dad is too
We're called Death Eaters
we're Quidditch cheaters
Slytherin's tops and
We're Gryffindor beaters

Don't tell me you're gonna hate,
This is Wizard school, not second grade
Malfoy's pureblood pedigree
I'll Crucio your a$$ if you disagree! 

Word to your Wizard.

hahahahahaha! Thanks Kristen!!

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