Monday, July 18, 2011

Nature Museum Friends

Foster's Toad
I spent today at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum after having brunch with my friend Lisa. It was an awesome choice for today because the museum was like a zoo with air conditioning! They had all the cute reptiles, bugs, and birds I wanted to see without melting outside. Here is a Foster's Toad who posed so nicely on his rock pile. He was my favorite lil green guy.

Haven Butterfly
They also have a huge greenhouse room with butterflies and birds. This butterfly had wings the size of my palm.

Button Quailios
Possibly my new favorite bird! These ground dwelling quails all wander around the butterfly garden so you first notice one, then another here and there. Then suddenly you see 4 and then 5 and realize they are all different colors an everywhere! I talked to one of the employees and she said there are 25 and they all have names but she can't remember them all. I name this white female quail, Lisa :)

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