Wednesday, May 16, 2012

We raised over $400!!!!

A million tiny meowing thanks from the kittens at the Austin Pets Alive bottle baby nursery! I have already delivered $70 of food earlier this month and tonight will bring in another food delivery :)

The facility is moving at the end of May and after we settle in at the new location I will bring in the rest of the food and all the cats will nom and nom and nom!

This 2 week old cutie named Q-Tip is happy because of you!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wee Doodlebug


I'm a sleepy little one week old kitten named after Bean's sister! My name is Doodlebug :) Here I am really tired and sleepy because I just ate 6 cc's of kitten formula. I'm napping on a heating pad covered in a really soft flannel blanket.


Here I am really excited because I want more kitten formula. I'm all spunky and awake but I'm so tiny my eyes aren't open yet so I just meow really loud and flail around til someone pays attention to me.


Now....well now I'm not sure what I'm doing here. I don't have teeth yet so I don't think I'm chewing on the carrier door. I'm smooshing my face here and wiggling around because that nice lady is RIGHT THERE doing something other than feeding me or petting my belly. HEY LADY! HEY!

Also, a few days after I came to APA, the nice lady found out I was a boy....Doodlebug is a nice masculine name right?

Thursday, May 3, 2012


I am in process of sending out Thank You emails for all who have donated for the Bottle Baby Fundraiser for Austin Pets Alive. I have 2 more checks still coming in the mail and then I can announce the total raised!

Baby Cat Kitten Food

I already went out and got some canned and dry cat food thanks to my Dad who was our first donator. The baby kittens like the chicken and liver flavor the best when they are transitioning from bottles to wet food. Ew! Stinky! *heh*

What is this?

Also, I picked up my first set of 1 week old kittens from the animal shelter and transferred them to APA tonight - look here is one of them. Who might you be little munchkin? Because I transported them and gave them their first feeding, I get the privilege of deciding on their names. A bunch of adorable baby kitten pictures and their names are coming your way tomorrow!