Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sheep for a Onesie

Sheep Appliqué
I'm combing two of my classes for this week into one piece of art. I'm making clothes fancier (class 1) while learning more complicated embroidery stitches (class 2). This sheep pattern is specifically for a onesie from the class and the pattern is by Mollie from Wild Olive. I just need to get a onesie this week to stitch it on. Maybe I'll use another new stitch I learned as the decorative border around the sheep's circle.

I used split stitch on his wee face, backstitch on his ears and legs, french knot for his eyes. The brand new stitch from class for his fluffy floofs is called the Pekinese Stitch. It starts out with a backstitch and then gets bumpy curly. I somehow made it stand up a bit on a few of the sheep floofs, but I like it that way! I should figure out how to do it again.


  1. What a sweet wooly sheep! I'm going to have to try and see what makes the loops stand up. I like that idea!

  2. He's a very cute sheep - I really like the blues you've stitched him in. I'm going to have to stich up some of these cute patterns from the class!

  3. Mollie - I wonder if it was the tension as I was holding the thread making the loops?