Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Beading Practice Kitty Noggin

Kitty Noggin!
I decided to go back and redo the lesson from yesterday's class instead of the cute hummingbird. To quote myself from yesterday "The actual lesson called for using a simple shape like a heart to practice beading techniques". My simple shape is a kitty noggin. I sketched a noggin on my twill fabric and then winged it.

Sequins Noggin
It was soothing to be able to improvise as I went along while watching "So You Think You Can Dance". I ended up making a sequin ear and a bead ear, sequin whiskers and bead whiskers. Fancy kitty noggin!

Bead Noggin
I did have an actual kitty noggin in close proximity to this project so there are kitty hairs stuck to it in the photograph :)

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