Friday, June 17, 2011

Embroidery Excitement

Pattern for class
On Monday I start an online class, The Embroidery Project: All in the Details, taught by Mollie Johanson. I'm excited! Mollie posted a pattern to work on before the class got started and I had to make it right away. I stitched with some fancier DMC flosses than I usually use on a cotton twill.

Stith critters
I altered the pattern slightly, making the hearts into heart critters so I could include it here.  Heart lop-eared rabbit/puppy and heart bear :) I got a super shiny and ultimately super slippery annoying thread to stitch the needles with. I used some nifty color variations threads for the rest of it. You can't see the variation of reds and pinks as well but I like how it turned out.

Is it wrong to think this little spool of thread is adorable and want to hug it? Thanks to Mollie for posting a cute pattern to start out the weekend before the 5 week class!

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  1. Was browsing for embroidery on blogs and saw this... Wow! You did a lovely job stitching this!!!