Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Andrea Zuill's Hummingbird

I have been wanting to make this hummingbird pattern since Andrea Zuill posted it as her free pattern in April on her blog. And then today's lesson for my embroidery class was about adding beads and sequins to embroidery. I immediately thought of shimmery hummingbirds and their jewel toned feathers. The actual lesson called for using a simple shape like a heart to practice beading techniques on but I bit off a bit more tonight. And finished just under the wire for bedtime.

It's a magenta-throated hummingbird! I learned how to attach the eye bead with a french knot - tricky and cool looking!

Hummingbird flower
So, I learned two new ways to attach beads. Also, even though I love sparkle and shiny, I don't regularly attach sequins to things so it was good to learn a few ways to do it. I used more of the variegated colored thread from Monday and last Friday's critters. I need buy more! And first write down the DMC number for them so I can get more. I tend to tear the labels off the thread before recording it somewhere.

Does someone have a good tip for photographing embroidery in the evening? I liked to photograph it with natural light but sometimes I'm finishing projects at 10 or 11 at night.

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  1. What a great place to add sparkle! (Loved the kitty whiskers too!)