Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Busby Sparks, CPA

Crayon Crusby

Meet Crusby Sparks, Ph. D.'s cousin - Busby Sparks, CPA! He also enjoys sitting on furniture and contemplating the giving the world a hug.

I took yesterday's photo and manipulated it in Photoshop quite a bit. The tutorials I found for making coloring book pages made deformed sock bunnies so I cribbed together something the looks kind of painterly. I buy crayons at the beginning of every school year for 25 cents a pop and squirrel them away. Crayons are an essential item in every home desk drawer! Right next to the permanent markers and tape.

Would you like to color in your own Busby? Print this out and feel free to share your version!

Busby Sporks, CPA

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