Sunday, January 23, 2011

Super Anteater

Super Anteater, originally uploaded by bean.zilla.

Super Anteater's gonna save the day
Fighting crime with his little snout
Gonna save the day, oh yeahhhh

I was singing a song last night and someone misheard me. He thought I sang "Super Anteater" which lead to increasingly sillier versus of a song about a crime fighting anteater. He fights for truth and justice and gets the job done! He is so awesome he doesn't have a secret identity. He wears his mask and cape all the time and flies around and saves the day! The saving the day is the important part.

Today's art started with a photo of an anteater I took at the Saint Louis Zoo in March 2009.


  1. ROTFL! That is so cute and silly and fun! You crack me up. :)

  2. iamshake - Super Anteater is gonna save the day
    and do your laundry
    and walk your dogs with his little snout
    gonna save the day
    ohhhh yeahhhhhhh!!!!!