Monday, January 31, 2011


Myrtle tush
Myrtle, originally uploaded by bean.zilla.
Myrtle - The way-too-tiny purple pony!

I tried to teach myself gussets. The gusset here is the underbelly of the pony and the inside of her legs. It makes her stand up more like a real pony. But since I made the pattern so small (she fits in the palm of my hand) it was really really hard to sew and turn right side out. I used a pair of tweezers, a chopstick, and a bamboo skewer to poke poke pull poke nudge poke poke her limbs into place. OY!

Myrtle  Myrtle

I understand the technique now and that was the whole point to trying this pattern. And I remembered how to attach hair to the mane of the pony from a crochet doll technique I used once. The tail is totally a tassel I made that I tucked inside and sewed in place as I stuffed her.

Pony pattern <----   The gussets ---->  Gussets

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