Thursday, April 21, 2011

Taquito Doodles

Taquito Sweater Doodle
I think training is almost complete at my new job. It's a temp job through beginning of June but it'll help fund some more purchases of felt and Nutella. I told my new Flickr friend, Amanda, that I'd draw her precious pug-chihuaua Taquito. Is he a Pugihuahua? A Chug? A squeezable love muffin of delight?

Christmas Taquito
I was thinking of this photo of him when I drew the following doodle and then fashioned a fuzzy doodle replica of him. I was doodling from memory so I think I captured some of his cute essence. I need to sit down with colored pencils and really draw a nice portrait of him.
Taquito Bandana

Taquito Fuzz

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  1. I love the drawings and Taquito is a little heartbreaker!