Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Origami Stripey Cat

Origami Cat

I had a busy day with work, a 2nd job interview for a new job, and then a free sneak peek screening of the new Kristen Wiig movie "Bridesmaids". Work this morning was really fun! The 2nd job interview went well and they asked me back for a 3rd interview on Thursday! And the movie preview was AWESOME! So so so hilarious. I laughed the first 30 minutes of the movie straight and completely lost it multiple times later in the movie - I snorted! And dropped my Pop Rocks on my shirt! And used too many exclamation points! I loved it. So crazy and silly and heartwarming in parts. I recommend it!

Anywhoooooo - Since I was so busy today I came home to make a quick Origami cat from these instructions with printer paper and a marker doodle face. Marker doodle face of cute :)

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