Monday, February 28, 2011

Sleeping Red Wolf

Sleeping Red Wolf
I have a blog I admire called Wild Olive. I was a sponsor of her blog this past month and wanted to make one of her patterns to finish out the month of February here. With perfect timing she posted a lovely post about Paying Tribute with Her Art. She shared a Sleeping Red Wolf embroidery pattern that I put on light grey felt tonight.

labeled Red Wolf
The only embroidery stitches I knew before this blog project were the Satin stitch and Backstitch. I tried the Split stitch for the main body of the wolf and the Stem stitch for his back leg. I need to practice stem stitch as I didn't quite get it, but I like how the split stitch looked like a compact chain.

Tissue Paper Pattern
I traced the pattern onto tissue paper, pinned that to the fabric, and stitched right over it. Then I just pulled the tissue paper out carefully from under the stitches when I was finished with the whole wolf. I think I'm going to sew this felt medallion to a bag or turn it into an ornament.

Thanks for sharing the pattern, Wild Olive!

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