Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Love Ducklings

I <3 Baby Ducks
This morning I went to Barnyard Day at a local bank. They were celebrating spring by having a petting zoo of farm animals. Well...mostly farm animals. There were baby chicks, a lamb, a calf, chinchillas, a bearded dragon, a frilled lizard, bees, greyhounds and ducklings! I want to start a chinchilla and baby duck farm :) 

Baby Ducks!
I got to hold the little black duckling in this picture. It was so sweet and peeping and fluffy. I did not stick it in my purse and run off with it. I promise. 

How To Draw Baby Animals
In the afternoon, I was browsing at Artifacts and found the How to Draw Baby Animals book from the 80's with a duckling on the cover for a buck and some change. I used to have books like this growing up I'm sure. 
Crayon fuzz on the baby duck. Tiny quack!


  1. I love your drawing! I don't know how you resisted putting that little duckling in your purse and running off, tho. :-)
    xo, a.

  2. I would have put the duck in my purse and run away. Ducks (and turtles!) are my favorite.