Monday, March 21, 2011

Evolution of a Perler Bead Dino

Evolution of Perler bead dinosaur
$1 Green Dino kit = 2 Dinosaurs. As you can see from the package what the dino should look like, what the first attempt turned out as, and then the final Dino. I think the first Dino was worth $0.25.

Dino 1 and Dino 2

I haven't used Perler Beads in 20 years or more I'm sure. They are fiddly things! And smell odd. When I made the Dino on the left here (let's call him Gluurple) - when I made Gluurple, I got the beads stuck to the ironing paper and then knocked pieces on the floor and then couldn't remember how to put him back together right. He looks ..... interesting.

Dino Rawwwwwrrr

But I had enough beads left to try again and so I made Greetchie. He has a cute white belly and a more pleasing head shape. And a jaunty curl to his tail. Greetchie, you're a winner and worth $0.75!

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