Saturday, September 3, 2011

Critters from Cheeseblarg's Scavenger Hunt!

One of my favorite blogs is having a scavenger hunt - Cheeseblarg's First Official Scavenger Hunt! JRose posted this on Wednesday and I see a bunch of people have already submitted their hunt results - Yay! I drew a few of the more crittery hunt items this morning.

Cheeseblarg Scavenger Hunt 1.
1. A cat in a window

2. Bare feet in grass
(and my addition of bear feet in grass) :P

A squeaker
4. A squeaker

Ooooooooooh and I just realized that some of my previous critters can totally work for this hunt too!

Smeepins goes to Hogwarts
7. Someone wearing a hat
(From July 9th)

8. A bird, not in a tree
(From July 26th)

Unicorn Noggin
14. Something I talk about all the time but have not put on the list
How about a unicorn! (From March 7th)

17. Something nerdy
Hermione's otter Patronus (From July 14th)

Now I'm inspired to try to finish the scavenger hunt this weekend!