Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Let's Make A Panda Bear with Toast!

Step 1. Find delicious potato bread.
Step 2. Use a measuring cup to make a circle for his face. Use a knife tip to "draw" on facial features and ears.
Step 3. Pull the excess bread off gently.

Toastboo toasted
Step 4. Toast!
Step 4 1/2. Eat excess bread while waiting for toaster to pop.

Toastboo nutellad
Step 5. Decorate toast panda with Nutella. Use a knife so it is kinda messy, giving you an excuse to eat the extra Nutella that gets all over.
Step 6. Cut a leftover jellybean from the dregs of your Easter candy in half and use for eyes.

Toastboo Closeup
Step 7. Admire for 7 seconds.
Step 8. Eat!

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